¿Conoces micro empresas en el sector TIC o trabajas en una?

¿Eres autónomo o empresario dispuesto a dar un paso adelante y estás dispuesto a contratar gente que trabaje contigo?
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In informal dialogue with the participants they indicated that they really liked the learning platform and the chosen approach of combining short to the point content, with deep-dive resources and the use of the metaphor of the navigation.

The intervision event of Inqubator leeuwarden proofed to be a very good opportunity to present and disseminate the Skills+ results and outputs.
The event was organized within a traditional tourism facility, run by a successful small enterprise. The organizers intended to support and promote small local businesses in this way and also to choose an attractive location for the event.

D. Enrique Valera on behalf of the Spanish project partner, FUNTESO presented the project at a large conference event, organised on the topc of technology and social responsability.

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