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A dynamic e-learning platform has been developed within the SKILLS+ project, accessible in English, Romanian, Spanish, Greek, Dutch and Norwegian, based on specifications developed in the SKILLS+ Learning Programme.

To comply with the requirements of the Skills+ Learning programme (IO3) regarding “thin slicing” and gamification (to raise the motivational force of the training and to increasing intercultural competences and emphasizing the European spirit), a professional artist has been involved on behalf of SEC to make a unique graphic representation of European heritage sites.

The learning platform’s entrance page shown an imaginary map, where the “sea of knowledge” that is “sailed” by micro/companies is inhabited by island (representing competence areas) that are named with a European historical reference and that have two to five “heritage buildings” each, representing “entrance doors” to lessons. For easier navigation, besides this map an additional “traditional” “drop-down” menu was designed and edited. Thus the lessons can be accessed in two ways: through the map or through the drop-down menu.

The style of the entire learning platform has been defined by this “historical” (“old time navy”) style: icons and other platform elements used in the platform have been visually adapted to this style.
On the lesson-pages a left-hand side menu helps the learner navigate among the various sections of the lesson, a “Details” menu can be used to open the full learning content. Visual and multimedia (graphs, photos, videos) are used to make the lesson pages more attractive and to support learning.

The platform can be accessed HERE.