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Imagine your company as an old clipper roaming around the Sea of Knowledge, where there are hidden treasures and trading opportunities on each island, unexplored cities and unknown spaces.

The hidden treasures and products are the skills that enable you to navigate effectively your environment, work well with others, perform well, achieve goals and guide your team members to do so. We invite you to on this quest and hunt for treasures and products which support you in making your company perform better and be more competitive.

Start on journey and initiate the quest for the hidden treasures and products, you roam around the sea, explore the island and city. When you navigate across the Sea of Knowledge, you will be able to decide which island to explore and which buildings to search.  You are the captain of defining your route, this means you are the one in charge of your own learning path. There is no pre-established learning path.

The islands represent the knowledge units, which are made up of knowledge pills which are represented by the buildings. A knowledge pill is the basic item for our learning approach, these are short, concise lessons, built up of practical theory, examples and lessons learnt. They also integrate some questions for reflection which you can use for analysing your situation and suggestions for further reading.

Enjoy the quest through the map or by selecting from the menu!!

You roam around the sea and visit islands, and explore buildings to acquire the knowledge and skills you need.

The names of all islands have some historical reference related to the age of the Renaissance, and each building is modelled after famous or less known Renaissance buildings across Europe. Click on the links for more information on the names and buildings.

Rembrandt Island (covering competences related to LEADERSHIP)

Strategies & styles in leadership: Amsterdam Stepped Gable House, the Netherlands

Emotional intelligence:               Amsterdam Palace on the Dam, the Netherlands

Managing teams in projects:       Central Station Amsterdam, the Netherlands

E-leadership:                             Westerkerk Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Validating leadership skills:          City Theatre Amsterdam, the Netherlands

 Island (covering competences related to INNOVATION)

Process, forms and types of innovation: Cathedral of Florence, Italy

Knowledge management:                     Palazzo Medici Ricardo, Florence, Italy

Creativity & Innovation:                        Ca d´Oro Venice, Italy

Mercator Island (covering competences related to COMMUNICATION)

Importance of communication: Mauritshuis The Hague, the Netherlands

Effective communication:         De Waag Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Pitching:                                 City Hall Delft, the Netherlands

Negotiation & active listening:  Peace Palace the Hague, the Netherlands

El Greco
 Island (covering competences related to CREATIVITY)

Raising awareness on creativity: Sevilla Cathedral, Spain

Enhancing creativity:                 Sevilla City Hall, Spain

Coaching for creativity:              San Lorenzo El Escorial, Spain

Creativity tools:                         Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

Island (covering competences related to STRATEGIC THINKING)

Introduction to strategic thinking:  Miko Castle, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

Strategic thinking in action:           Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Romania

 Island (covering competences related to PROBLEM SOLVING)      

Phases of problem solving:           Birthälm Church, Transylvania, Romania

Conflict management:                  Haller House, Sibiu,  Romania

Bethlen Island (covering competences related to customer service)

Customer segmentation:               Bethlen-Haller Castle, Cetatea Alba, Romania

Customer service:                         Bethlen Castle, Criş, Romania

Cornaro Island (covering competences related to RISK MANAGEMENT)

Intellectual property rights:         Venetian walls, Cyprus

Identifying risks:                        Monastery of Agia Napa, Cyprus

Methods of risk management:     Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios House, Cyprus

Absalon Beyer
 Island (covering competences related to TEAMWORK)

Team roles:                                      The Rosenkrantz Tower, Norway

Teambuilding:                                   Akershus Fortress, Norway

Cervantes Island (covering competences related to LEARNING)     

Learning styles:                             Calahorra Castle, Spain

Capacity to learn:                           Granada Cathedral, Spain

On-line learning:                             Palace of Carlos V Granada, Spain