Skills+ - Skills+ Seminar for project results multiplication - Madaras Ciuc, RO
Do you own or work for a ICT micro-company?

Are you a freelance or sole trader willing to go next level and hire people to work for you?
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The event was organized within a traditional tourism facility, run by a successful small enterprise. The organizers intended to support and promote small local businesses in this way and also to choose an attractive location for the event.

The event combined the presentation of the Skills+ results, the opportunities for training, mobility and competence development within the Erasmus+Programme for small and medium businesses and two presentations on developing softs skills and management competences.

In the first section of the seminar Csilla Lazar presented the outputs of the Skills+ Programme and the participants had the chance to test the platform on their mobile devices, while guided by the presentation projected to the screen.

Following the presentations, two invited speakers, managers of small companies themselves presented practical examples on how to make your company more competitive by developing soft skills and management competences.

Akos Balint presented the so-called SIT method (Systematic Inventive Thinking), a new approach that is inventive and systematic in the same time and that is used for developing new products and services, and it is also highly flexible so it can be used in mall and larger companies as well, and it also helps problem solving, strategy building and planning marketing campaigns.

TamásHargitay, senior consultant at LGT project presented project management methods used for change management and process management.
The presentations brought several practical examples and challenges that were discussed also in the breaks and during the informal discussions during the lunch break.

The event has been evaluated via an online questionnaire that was completed by 12 participants who praised the event for its informativity, practical approach and for facilitating exchange of experience among the participants.
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