Skills+ - SKILLS+ National awareness raising and dissemination event CATS-MAD Erasmus+ - Madrid, Spain
Do you own or work for a ICT micro-company?

Are you a freelance or sole trader willing to go next level and hire people to work for you?
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In informal dialogue with the participants they indicated that they really liked the learning platform and the chosen approach of combining short to the point content, with deep-dive resources and the use of the metaphor of the navigation.

The master calls on a specific item of the SKILLS+ learning area (creativity) was highly appreciated and showed how creativity can become a main driver for managing an innovative team. The round table showed and demonstrated the barriers for ICT entrepreneurs and how they were overcome by providing testimonies from existing ICT entrepreneurs.

The networking at the end of the session was considered very useful, as through a set of elevator pitches the companies were presenting themselves and others could connect to increase innovation. Several of the ICT entrepreneurs and/or businesses connected to experts in the fields of business management and creativity, to help them further on their way to become a sustainable and growing business.

The results from the questionnaire are being analyzed and the impact evaluation report is being written, main conclusions will be included here as soon as they are available.

The proof of dissemination and reflections in publications are included in the Dissemination Reporting of FUNTESO.
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