Skills+ - Skills+ Closing event - Leeuwarden, NL
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The intervision event of Inqubator leeuwarden proofed to be a very good opportunity to present and disseminate the Skills+ results and outputs.
In total 21 people participated in the event (ICT start-ups, experts and stakeholders from the Leeuwarden/Friesland region). Skills+ outcomes were presented and the target group was encouraged to use the materials on the platform.

Target group: The analysis of the evaluation forms completed by the participants at the end of the meeting shows that the participants were pleased with the event. The average response the evaluation questions about the organisation of the multi-plier event was 'very statisfied' to 'somewhat satisfied'. In addition the participants rated the relevance of the event’s contents to their professional / personal development high. When the question was asked 'Based on your overall experience at the seminar, would you like to use in your work or would you recommend to someone else to use the SKILLS+ training materials?' the answer was in 80% of the cases 'Yes'.

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