Skills+ - The storyline for our online learning space is taking shape...
Do you own or work for a ICT micro-company?

Are you a freelance or sole trader willing to go next level and hire people to work for you?
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Imagine your company as an old clipper, roaming around the seas, selling and buying goods.

But there are hidden treasures and trading opportunities, with hundreds of islands, unexplored cities and unknown spaces. Within each space or city there is a highly profitable treasure or product, an high potential opportunity for trading and growing. However, this treasure or product is not at always at plain sight, and might be found anywhere.

Would you make the effort and invest time to explore the islands, cities and spaces and find these hidden treasures and products, or would you continue to do business as usual and stick to your trade?

Surely you would try and find them, and with the help of a maritime map this would be easier, wouldn´t it?


Follow the development of our Learning Space and let us know what you think....
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